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Spring Special offer - 25% off home programme

Get 2 private Pilates sessions (including a postural assessment AND tailored exercise program to do at home) for just £90. Email jen@elthampilates.co.uk to book.
Regular price is £120.


The founder and director of a popular Pilates studio in Greenwich and the new "Just Jen" blog has come to Eltham and is offering private Pilates sessions in a lovely garden studio. Pilates following breast cancer surgery and Pilates for Scoliosis sessions are also available.

The Studio

The studio is equipped with the latest reformer, tower, combo chair, baby arc, Swiss ball and other small pieces of Pilates apparatus.


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a body conditioning method that targets deep postural muscles to encourage proper movement, alignment and muscle balance. Benefits of regular practice include a longer, leaner and more toned appearance; improved posture; tension and stress relief; a stronger centre and back (and flatter stomach); greater overall strength and flexibility; and the reduction of risk of injury. It can also help alleviate back pain and pain caused by other conditions.

Pilates can take place on a mat on the floor or in a studio with special studio equipment.

The best way to see what Pilates is all about is to try it! Although Pilates does have to be practised regularly to reap the benefits, I am happy to see people for a one-off trial session.


And now, Eltham Pilates introduces the new blog....

Just Jen - A pilates girl's guide to lift
Photo of Jen


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