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Hi - my name is Jen. I trained with Body Control Pilates in London and have been teaching clients for over 14 years now. I have experience working successfully with clients with back pain; scoliosis; foot, knee and ankle injuries; hip replacements; osteoarthritis and osteoporosis; shoulder and neck injuries. I have also worked with pregnant woman and with dancers.

I discovered Pilates in 2001 when suffering from repetitive strain injury in my arm. Pilates helped so much that I gave up my job as an IT trainer and began training to be a Pilates instructor. In 2007 I opened my own studio in Greenwich and saw hundreds of clients over the years. The studio was sold at the end of 2014 to enable me to focus more on what I love best - teaching!

Unfortunately, early in 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have had chemotherapy, 2 surgeries and radiotherapy. I am now finished treatment and feeling pretty good. Throughout the treatment I continued to do gentle pilates exercises and am sure that this contributed to a speedy recovery, especially in regaining full use of my arm following some quite invasive surgery. I would love to pass on my experience to help other women who are going through similar things and especially welcome women to the studio who have had surgery following breast cancer.

As well as teaching, I keep in touch with recent developments by attending classes, studio sessions and professional workshops. I am very interested in working with people with scoliosis and have recently completed my training with Karena Thek Lineback in California to become a qualified Scolio-Pilates instructor. I am now the only practicing Scolio-Pilates instructor in the UK. For more information about Scolio-Pilates, please click here to be taken to the Scolio-Pilates website.

I am the author of the new blog - Just Jen: A Pilates girl's guide to Life

What are my Qualifications?

I have received the following qualifications with Body Control Pilates® and other training providers and am continually adding to these:

- Scolio-Pilates
- Beginners through advanced matwork
- Pre and Post-natal Pilates
- Pilates on the Ball
- Pilates small equipment - overball, foam roller, baby arc
- Reformer, all levels
- Wunda Chair, all levels
- Cadillac (beginners and intermediate)
- Pilates for the older person

- I am fully insured


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