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I offer the following Pilates sessions:

  • Private Pilates equipment sessions in my studio in Eltham
  • Scolio-Pilates (Pilates for Scoliosis) private sessions
  • Postural assessments and exercise programmes to follow at home
  • Pilates following breast cancer surgery (based on my own experience with breast cancer in 2016)
  • Pilates improvers/intermediate matwork class in Greenwich on Fridays at 9:45am
  • Group reformer classes and private sessions in Greenwich

Private sessions in Eltham studio

Private Pilates sessions last for an hour (although shorter or longer sessions are possible if necessary). The Eltham studio is equipped with a Reformer, Tower, combo chair and small pieces of equipment. All apparatus may be used during a session. Sessions are designed for the individual client taking their needs into account. Exercises will vary each week and will include stretching, toning and strengthening exercises for all parts of the body. During the first few sessions you will be assessed and programmes of exercises designed accordingly. You will always be given input into the programme and exercises are designed to be challenging but never painful or uncomfortable.

Scolio-Pilates private sessions

This is a specially designed programme of sessions for clients with scoliosis. For more information see the Pilates 4 Scoliosis page.

Postural assessments and exercise programme to do at home

For those who cannot commit to coming to my studio regularly, I offer a home exercise programme which consists of 2 private sessions of one hour, a postural assessment and exercises to do at home. Exercises will be individually tailored to the client. In the first session you will be given a postural assessment as well as being assessed performing a variety of basic Pilates exercises. I will then design your programme based on this first session and will guide you through the exercises during your second session. Follow-up sessions will be available to go over the exercises with you if you wish and to advance your programme as you get stronger. This is not suitable for people with injuries or severe back pain or other medical conditions that would require supervision when exercising.

Pilates following breast cancer surgery

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2016 and spent the year having treatment, including 2 surgeries. I used Pilates to help rehabilitate my arm following both surgeries and have now regained full movement. I found that after the surgery, I was left on my own to work through the physio exercises and this could be quite daunting for somebody that is not an exercise specialist. So I would be happy to help other ladies who are in a similar situation to go over their exercises and put together a suitable programme to aid in a speedy recovery. Sessions would last for up to an hour and will be discounted at £20 off of my normal rate for private sessions.

Matwork class in Greenwich

I teach a matwork class at the Pilates & Rehab studio in Greenwich (115A Trafalgar Road, SE10 9TX) on Friday mornings at 9:45am. The level is improvers/intermediate. Beginners would need to do a course of at least 5 private sessions with me before joining the class.

The class runs in a course of between 8-12 classes depending on the length of the term. Payment is made in advance for the whole course. Cost is £12 per class multiplied by the number of weeks in the course. To book or for more information please contact me on jen@elthampilates.co.uk.

Group reformer classes and private sessions in Greenwich

On Tuesdays and Fridays I teach lunchtime reformer classes and daytime private sessions in the Pilates & Rehab studio in Greenwich (115A Trafalgar Road, SE10 9TX). For more information please contact me on jen@elthampilates.co.uk.

Why private sessions?

Private sessions allow your instructor to design a program specifically geared towards your needs and to ensure that you are performing the exercises properly and therefore getting the maximum benefit from the session. Private sessions are especially beneficial if you suffer from any injuries or back pain or other conditions. They are also recommended for athletes following a specific training regime, or dancers wanting to improve their technique or even just for people who do not like exercising in large class situations. In the studio your privacy is guaranteed - there will never be other people in the studio while you are there.

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